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(FJO Treatment)
What is Functional Jaw Orthopedics?

Functional Jaw Orthopedics or FJO Treatment is a progressive form of treatment that combines two methods of straightening teeth and jaws. By using fixed and removable appliances to get superior results, FJO Treatment works with growth and development to give patients beautiful broad smiles.

Fixed Appliance Orthodontics or Traditional Orthodontics (braces), uses brackets bonded to each tooth. Then wires connect the brackets providing forces to move the teeth.

Removable Appliance Orthodontics or European Orthodontics uses sophisticated removable appliances that work in harmony with specific muscle forces to move the teeth. The use of removable appliances is not new, they've been used in Europe since the 1920s.

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How does Functional Jaw Orthopedics differ from Traditional Orthodontics?

Functional Jaw Orthopedics treats earlier when problems are recognized, and usually aims to make room for teeth to fit in, resulting in broader smiles. Traditional orthodontics treats later with more extractions of teeth, resulting in narrower smiles. Because the difference in smile results can be seen, FJO Treatment is increasing even as the removal of teeth has been decreasing. The bottom line is that since most people who need orthodontic treatment have crowded or protruding teeth, either you start early to make room for teeth, or you accept later you may only have the option to have teeth removed.

Functional Jaw Orthopedics is progressive and most importantly shows superior clinical results–nicer wider smiles. FJO treatment is practiced by a growing number of highly skilled general dentists, pedodontists, and orthodontists in both Europe and North America.

Traditional Orthodontic methods such as the use of serial extractions have been decreasing. For many years the traditional method of treating crowded and protruded teeth included early removal of primary (baby) teeth, and then the removal of secondary (adult) premolar or bicuspid teeth. This resulted in clearly smaller dental arches and obviously smaller narrower smiles.

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ADVANTAGES of Functional Jaw Orthopedics

Treats the TOTAL patient...Face...Teeth...and TMJ.
Beautiful Broad Smiles and Nice Pleasing Facial Profiles.
Pleasing Facial Balance as Growth Continues.
Healthier TMJs (Jaw Joints). No Head Gear.
Very Stable Results.
Fewer Teeth are Removed.
Removable Appliances are Easier to Clean, teeth and gums too.
Removable Appliances are Less Conspicuous, and Can be Removed for Athletics, Playing Musical Instruments, and Public Speaking.
Treatment Can be Started Much Earlier, at Age 3 to 8, Correcting Problems Early When Small, Rather than Waiting Until Age 11-14 When Problems are Larger.
Superior Treatment Results Are Easily Seen in the Smiles!
Patients Grow Into a Smile, Not Out of One.
DISADVANTAGE of Functional Jaw Orthopedics
Requires TOTAL PATIENT COOPERATION...if a patient has no self-discipline and does not wear the appliances, wears them only intermittently or keeps them in his/her pocket or purse, they will not work. This limits results attainable.
Who Provides Functional Jaw Orthopedic Treatment?

Progressive general dentists, pedodontists and orthodontists provide FJO Treatment. For a progressive Functional Jaw Orthopedist near you, contact The American Association for Functional Orthodontics.

Choosing orthodontic/orthopedic treatment is a serious, costly decision, one that often includes considering the removal of teeth. To decide in the best interest of yourself or your child, carefully compare the methods of treatment.

1. Ask how many teeth will be removed - initially or later?
2. Ask which teeth will be removed? And why?
3. Ask if treatment will leave your face with a broad natural full smile?
4. Ask how treatment might affect your temporomandibular joints?
5. Ask to see before and after photographs of patients treated.

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