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Preventive Dental Care
Saves Time, Money & Pain

It use to be thought that good and bad teeth were simply inherited and some people were just destined to lose their teeth. This is no longer so. Studies confirm that a number of key factors help determine whether you keep your teeth or lose them.

You can help to keep your teeth a lifetime by following a rather simple plan. Eat a healthy diet. Take a multivitamin with minerals at least once a day. Brush the teeth you want to keep several times a day and especially well just before going to sleep. Also floss and/or water irrigate your teeth just before bed time to get loose food particles out from between your teeth. And yes, see your dentist for preventive visits regularly.

Studies increasingly show that regular professional dental cleanings, every 2-6 months, help remove food and plaque that you routinely miss and remain a vital part of keeping teeth and gums healthy. Professional dental cleanings and checkups save time, money and pain because small problems can be found and treated before they get bigger.


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