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AUTHOR: Dr. Page has written many well referenced articles for professional journals for over a decade (see Articles Published). He writes mostly about his special clinical and research interest, which happens to be the unique health benefits of Functional Jaw Orthopedics. He writes in order to educate the public and other health care professionals about this wonderful form of conservative non-surgical orthodontic treatment. He always includes numerous research references from the medical data bases to support his writings so others can know his positions are well supported. He has one new special priority interest, which is to help others understand the great benefits of early treatment because braces even at age 8 can be too late for some children. His new (2003) ground-breaking book: Your Jaws ~ Your Life has helped his efforts, as thousands of copies have already been sold to mostly health care professionals in over 15 different countries (see the SmileStore). Amazingly, many dentists are using this new book as it was designed--as the first ever patient education book on alternative medical dentistry.

SPEAKER: Dr. Page is a renowned international speaker. He has been a keynote speaker at a number of annual national organization meetings. While many of his messages are directed at the dental community, he is increasingly addressing the public and detailing the information in his new book. The future of dentistry for some patients and some dentists will change greatly in ways not yet recognized by organized dentistry.

CONSULTANT: Dr. Page has recently been contracted as a health care consultant for a number of international health organizations.

Dr. Page welcomes opportunities to share information and consult about Functional Jaw Orthopedics and Alternative Medical Dentistry.
Email Contact: DrPage@SmilePage.com


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