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Public, media and professional concerns drive most controversies in dentistry. Both ignored and overblown controversies can result in public health damage because many dental controversies impact overall public health.

Ignored controversies like early orthodontic treatment can harm the public. Early orthodontic treatment beginning at ages 2 to 8 has only recently become one of the hottest topics in dentistry. Unfortunately, it can take years, even decades, for a hot topic to break down the barriers of the status quo and become routine treatment offered to patients. For many patients a few years or a decade means it can be too late to offer the best care.

Overblown controversies like mercury in dental amalgam can harm the public too. Mercury in dental amalgam has been blamed for almost ever human illness known to man, without proof. In 150 years of use, no patient death or illness has been recorded as being due to either dental amalgam or dental amalgam mercury except for rare cases of allergy. Even so, public, media and professional attention have resulted in attempts to ban amalgam fillings simply out of fear. This unreasonable fear of mercury has spilled over into medicine. Accurate mercury thermometers and are being replaced with inaccurate ones. Accurate mercury blood pressure gauges are being replaced with inaccurate ones. Millions of patients are now affected by inaccurate blood pressure and temperature readings, unreasonable fear of dental amalgam fillings and baseless costly removal and replacement of dental amalgam fillings.

David C. Page, D.D.S.
Your Jaws ~ Your Life (page 49)

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