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Careful analyses of published research
show that routine removal of impacted or unerupted,
disease-free third molars cannot be justified.

(SOURCE: Journal Oral Maxillofacial Surgery--1999)

Recommending the removal of all wisdom teeth routinely is now controversial and no longer a generally accepted standard. Complications can occur with extractions, so the benefits of removing wisdom teeth must outweigh the risks. One of the major reasons that all wisdom teeth were removed so often in the past was because of a misconception. It was once thought that if wisdom teeth were not removed they would cause teeth to shift as they grew in. Time and experience has taught us this is not so. There are millions of adults whose teeth became crooked even after the wisdom teeth were removed.

There are many reasons to remove wisdom teeth--infection, food trap and disease. Be sure to know your options and discuss them with your doctors.

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