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The August 2000 Surgeon General's report confirmed that neglected, vulnerable populations in the United States are not adequately receiving oral health services.

(SOURCE: Dental Clinics of North America -- 2001)
Your Jaws ~ Your Life (page 86)

The teeth and jaws of those with disabilities are often considered a low priority and somewhat ignored. The forgotten--the disabled, the elderly, and the institutionalized like everyone else, need teeth to support their jaws, which then can support their airway. The forgotten have a hard time getting routine dental care. Some of these children and adults go for years without dental treatment.

If you want to help those who need help the most, contact your politicians. Tell them to take action to help those with true disabilities to receive needed dental care, especially preventive dental care.

David C. Page, D.D.S.
Your Jaws ~ Your Life (page 87)


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