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"Every tooth in a man's head
is more valuable to him than a diamond."


Good dental function is significantly associated with
better brain function, better vision,
better hearing, better lung volume,
better heart volume, better muscle strength,
better bone mineral content, less heart attacks
and longer life.

(SOURCE: British Medical Journal — 1989)
Community Dental Oral Epidemiology — 1990)
Your Jaws ~ Your Life (page 30)

The jaws and teeth are essential to human survival. They each have multiple primary roles in sustaining life. Teeth are often overlooked, but they do provide critical jaw and airway support. Jaw support is necessary to maintain tongue space, airway space and basic life support. Keep your teeth! You may save or extend your life!

David C. Page, D.D.S.
Your Jaws ~ Your Life (page 27)


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