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Habitual snoring is deadly and a main symptom of sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) which occurs in 4 to 7% of adults. Patients with SAS who go without treatment, have about a 37% increased chance of being dead within 8 years.

(SOURCE: Anales De Medicina Interna — 1999)
Your Jaws ~ Your Life (page 82)

Snoring is often a cry for help, not just an embarrassing sound. Snoring alone is hard on the heart and brain. Research suggests that snorers have low night oxygen even if they do not have a sleep disorder.

Oral devices (dental mouthpiece appliances) worn during sleep provide a conservative, non-surgical and effective way to keep the airway open during sleep, raise blood oxygen levels and reduce or stop snoring.

David C. Page, D.D.S.
Your Jaws ~ Your Life (page 83)

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