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  • Show the Unique Benefits of Functional Jaw Orthopedics (FJO);
  • Explain the What, Why, When and Where of FJO;
  • Encourage Scientific Discourse of FJO and FJO Effects; and
  • Stimulate Interest in the Many Dental and Medical FJO Frontiers.

SmilePage® Corporation is a Maryland Corporation formed to educate the public and health care professionals using books; pamphlets; brochures; newsletters; photographs; written or printed instructions; diagrams; lecture series; notes; research materials; and a web site--SmilePage.com, thereby relaying health related information,
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It is the close observation of little things
which is the secret of success in business,
in art, in science, and in every pursuit in life.

Human knowledge
is but an accumulation of small facts,
made by successive generations of men,--the little bits
of knowledge and experience carefully treasured up
and growing at length into a mighty pyramid.

Samuel Smiles



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