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PREVENTION: Brush your teeth, dentures, even your tongue 2-3 times a day and especially well before you go to sleep.

Ever notice how mud sticks to a car for a long time if it is not cleaned off while still wet. Food is sort of like that. Food left hanging around on the teeth, in the grooves of teeth and in the spaces around and between teeth, gets harder to remove. Then just like a car gets rust in those dirty areas, your teeth get cavities and your gums swell from the food acid that is hanging around. SO: Keep the mud off your car and plaque off your teeth because: An Ounce of Prevention...IS....Worth a Pound of Cure."


PREVENTION: Take 1 One-A-Day Vitamin Everyday

Your body is like a mini-factory. Even after your "growing" years, it continuously makes new cells and gets rid of old ones. Your "mini-factory" needs vitamins and minerals. And some medications remove them from your body. Furthermore, new studies are showing that just one multivitamin taken daily cuts the risk of cancer significantly. SO: Check with your family physician, ask if you should take a one-a-day tablet every day, or even one in the morning and one in the evening.

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