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Your Jaws ~ Your life

Read What Health Professionals Say About This New Book:

"Both the general public and all healthcare providers need to read this book to have a better appreciation and understanding of wellness and total health." - Dr. Brian Palmer, Kansas City, MO

"May this book help speed up a closer relationship between medicine and dentistry. It offers to both patient and health professional alternative care concepts related to jaw imbalance. Symptoms involving the head, ears, heart, airways, face, tonsils and adenoids to mention a few, are found to be part of this total picture." -Dr. Harold Gelb, NY, NY

"This text concept is long overdue. The public has a right to know about alternatives. The future lies in medical dentistry concepts. More and more evidence in the scientific literature shows how important jaws are to health and well being. The role of interceptive orthodontic dental treatment in the management of common medical disorders such as bed-wetting, snoring, headaches, and middle ear infections cannot be underestimated." -Dr. Derek Mahony, Sydney, Australia

"This publication is an outstanding overview of maxillofacial orthopedics for the patient, the dentist and the physician." -Dr. J. W. "Skip" Truitt, Guadalajara, Mexico

"This book is well overdue. It addresses a complex subject in a way that will educate the public and health providers. It lays out connections between the jaws and the rest of the body clearly. Chapter headings make it easy to find your way around." -Dr. Helen Jones, England U.K.

"Very well done! Real-life stories lend drama and interest to help readers understand the comprehensive health benefits of dental-facial orthopedic care. This is a very positive step in the dissemination of knowledge to the public, about a complex disease syndrome." -Dr. Jeffrey H. Ahlin, Gloucester, MA

"This work is a unique resource for anyone who seeks health and wellness. Dr. Page has masterfully created an interesting, informative and enlightening book. Every sufferer of craniofacial pains, parent or parent-to-be, medical and dental professional should read, understand and share this knowledge." -Dr. Robert Talley, Norman, OK

"An excellent job. I will have a copy in my waiting room for patients. I can't begin to imagine the amount of work that has gone into this book. The FJO chapter is excellent." -Dr. Ira M Yerkes, Woburn, MA

"I hope this book helps others as much as the concepts helped my daughter and me! I have been providing Functional Jaw Orthopedics to my patients for over 10 years. When it was apparent my daughter would need FJO therapy, I sought to learn more about Dr. Page's early treatment concepts." -Dr. Steven Fink, Hamburg, NJ

"Clinical experience and published research cast a light for all to contemplate in the area of craniofacial growth, development and diagnosis. I hope that western medicine can expand its focus in order to experience some of the profound benefits functional jaw orthodopedics has to offer dental medicine."
-Dr. Warren F. Green, Boston, MA

"Wow! What a great book! It provides details about the jaw that are critical for speech-language pathologists and other professionals to consider. The importance of the jaw in the processes of eating, drinking, and speaking is frequently underestimated. A misaligned, unstable, or weak jaw can keep the lips and tongue from functioning well." -Diane Chapman Bahr, MS, CCC-SLP, MD

This book is as provocative as it is true. The more these ideas spread the better off will be both doctor & patient. Concepts in this book changed my health and my life." -Dr. Michael S. Bubon, Waukesha, WI

This book changes the way we look at jaw to jaw relationships. It clearly demonstrates the correlation between an improper jaw position to such things as headaches, ear problems and even bed-wetting. This book helps unravel the mystery of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, one of the most misdiagnosed human disorders. Information presented in this book will enhance the knowledge base of both patients and medical practitioners." -Tracy Isaacson, B.S., Minneapolis, MN

"A great book for patients, parents and medical/dental professionals. This book exposes the cause of many of the most baffling and frustrating childhood health problems, improper jaw development. It is well researched, and it documents the most advanced concepts of "wellness" that the proper jaw relationships-including the TMJ and teeth-provides. Negative effects of airway obstruction, the subsequent abnormal facial growth and development, are presented in a comprehensive and easy to understand manner." -Dr. David B. Miller, Roseville, CA

"An excellent compilation of the current benefits of Functional Jaw Orthopedics. It should be mandatory reading for all patients, healthcare practitioners and third party providers." -Richard W. Greenan, Peach Tree City, GA

Read What The UK Medical Journalists Said About The Pre-Publication Draft Of This Book!

In the April/May 2002 issue of the UK Medical Journalists' Association, John Illman wrote a biting review of the book draft. His "Out of the Deep" review declared, "Jaws have never enjoyed a good press, but now they have their own PR man: David C. Page, a U.S. general dentist in private practice and author of Your Jaws ~ Your Life. As befits a man with a firm jaw, David C. does not dodge controversy. His bold hypothesis is that our jaws are as important to our health as our hearts and brains. For thousands of years, he says, we have been searching for the true causes of many common disorders, like bed-wetting, ear disease, hypertension and heart disease, unaware that some of the primary causes of these major disorders are right under our noses.


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