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July 12, 1998

TOPIC: Nitrosamines... a known Carcinogen in Baby Bottle Rubber & Pacifiers

Volatile N-nitrosamines are very potent carcinogens....approximately 5 million times more powerful than saccharin. Although Nitrosamines have been shown to be potent carcinogens in animals, they have in the past 20 years been extracted from baby bottle rubber nipples and pacifiers. Furthermore, Nitrosamine levels have been shown to be higher in rubber nipples after sterilization. As approximately 300 different N-nitrosamines are carcinogenic and diminishing human exposure to these carcinogens is an approach to prevention of cancer. CONCLUSION: Some Infants may be exposed daily through pacifier and bottle nipple use to 100 times more of these carcinogens than are adults.

Your Thoughts?

FYI: Exclusive Full-Latch-On Breastfeeding Actively Forms Jaws (minimum 6-12 months) Dumby Use (pacifier, bottle, thumb, finger, blanket) Actively De-Forms Jaws and negatively impacts health


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